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"Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value."

                                                                                                - Albert Einstein

So your plan has been designed and installed.  Program decisions have been made and enrollment meetings have commenced.  Now is when the ongoing relationship begins between your company and AIA.  

Part of the design process is making sure that your day to day needs are taken care of - from plan administration to helping employees best utilize their benefits.  We are also available to solve an issues that pop up in person at any time.

Administration Tools

Along with the human service you expect, AIA also has administration tools that help to keep you program running efficiently and conveniently.  We can set up online enrollment portals, HR consulting, consolidated benefits billing, payroll, debit cards and more.  Many of these features are proprietary products and are all done in house.  So no need to deal with multiple third party vendors.

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